Inspection Standards and Limitation Agreement

You have contracted with Metcalf Building Consultants Inc. to perform a thorough visual inspection of the structure  and systems of the building located at the inspection address listed above. This inspection will be performed in accordance with the standards of practice established by the State of Washington. To review these standards see the following web site:  Inspections of this nature are not intended to be technically exhaustive.

This building inspection will include at a minimum, the following systems: structure, foundation, exterior, roof, plumbing, heating, electrical, attic, interior, kitchen, bathroom, insulation, ventilation, fireplaces/woodstoves, garage/carport. Because of my commitment to provide you with as much information as possible, most inspections include information that significantly exceeds what is listed above. Systems and components will not be disassembled and will only be operated with normal user controls.

All buildings have defects in varying degrees. The purpose of this inspection is to identify the condition of systems and components along with identifying major deficiencies, defects, and adverse conditions. Positive features will also be described along with providing an education about the building and its systems. Maximum benefit is obtained by attending the inspection with the inspector.

This inspection does not include any investigation which may be necessary to assure that the property is in compliance with building or land use codes, to obtain any permits or approvals, to ascertain any environmental hazards including the presence of toxic compounds or contaminants in the water, soil, air, hazardous plants or animals or diseases harmful to humans, wood-destroying insects, rodent infestation or the presence of mold/mildew, asbestos, lead paint, radon, formaldehyde, electromagnetic radiation on the property or other environmental issues/conditions, in any portion of the premises. This inspection does not provide a quantitative structural engineering analysis. This inspection and report excludes security systems, appliances, sprinkler systems, solar heating, water purification systems, septic systems, drainage fields, furnace/boiler heat exchangers, buried oil tanks, underground sewer line/side-sewer conditions, soil stability conditions, property lines and plot dimensions, EIFS/synthetic stucco conditions, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas, phone/Ethernet/cable systems, intercom systems, a quantitative structural engineering analysis, tennis courts and recreational facilities.  If you feel the need, you should ask the seller for a guarantee of the operational integrity of these items or contact a qualified service technician. In addition, we will recommend additional specialized inspections, if needed.

The inspection report consists of the inspector's observations, findings, opinions and conclusions based on their judgment from a visual examination of the exposed or readily accessible portions of the premises.  No inspection was made of areas which were obstructed, concealed or closed off.  Although we will make as thorough an inspection of the premises as is possible, this precludes us from doing any destructive testing of any kind, such as drilling holes, probing into or prying apart materials or structures or scraping off finishes.

Hidden defects may exist and while the premises and/or equipment may appear to be in good condition when examined, certain defects may be concealed, may be very subtle, may not be discovered upon a visual examination or may not be evident under the particular conditions existing at the time of our inspection.  Also, some defects may develop after we have completed the inspection. Areas that are concealed, hidden or inaccessible to view are not covered by this inspection. In addition, during the limited time period within which an inspection occurs, we cannot approximate actual living conditions. As such, detrimental conditions could exist when the building is occupied that cannot be detected during a standard visual inspection.

Limitation of Liability

This report is the confidential property of the client and is non-transferable. This report is furnished to you with the understanding that neither the inspector performing the inspection, nor Metcalf Building Consultants, Inc., nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for any loss, costs, damages or consequences of any kind resulting from or arising out of any statement or opinion made herein nor for any mistake, error, omission or negligence made or committed by any of the said parties, whether reflected in this report or not, beyond a refund of the amount paid for the inspection and report.  Therefore, nothing in this report should be construed as warranting or guaranteeing any part of the property or equipment therein, or providing any type of insurance.  

Any claim for failure to perform under this contract will be reported to Metcalf building consultants Inc. in writing within one year of this inspection. Metcalf building consultants Inc. will have the absolute right to re-examine the item or component in question, [including an independent second opinion] BEFORE any repairs or replacements are undertaking. Failure to allow said examinations or respond within the one-year time frame will constitute a full and complete waiver of any and all claims against Metcalf Building Consultants Inc.

This agreement is automatically activated between Metcalf Building Consultants Inc. and the client when the report and inspection are used for the evaluation of the inspected property by the client or the client's agents.

Thank you very much for using our services.  We have attempted to be as accurate as possible.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Washington State Licensed Home Inspector # 338